I want to do so much today but I am feeling incredibly lazy.

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Can I take a bit of everything please, just one of those days when moving forward feels like I’m trying to climb a mountain. So what tips do any of you have to get me moving again? What do you do when you’re feeling sluggish and demotivated? All ideas will be considered…… if I can be bothered 😀 😀 😀


5 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. I like to do something I enjoy, something that gives me a bit of life. Finding a good book, drawing, writing, listening to my favourite songs. Or even just cleaning my room – hehe! I like to just ‘do’ something.

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  2. Do something small, but productive. Depending what your goal is, there are often plenty of little things you can do. For instance, sometimes it might just be sending a letter, or making a phonecall, or even just writing a blog… I find once you’ve done one little thing, the next step up doesn’t seem as daunting and, even if you don’t get as much done as you hoped, you can’t feel too bad as you’ve still done something!

    Small steps towards big goals! 🙂

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