Rapid, Antique, Grin (story)


“Hurry up Pen.” Gary shouted from the car. “We’re going to be late.” He heaves a sigh and gets back to listening to the cricket on the radio, for once England are doing well. Penny is always running late and after twenty years of marriage ha had just about got used to it but that didn’t stop him feeling irritated. Finally she comes out of the house checking her bag whilst trying to struggle into her cardigan, she slams the frontย door and heads towards the car. He watched her juggling with her everything she was trying to do and he had to smile.

They were off to the annual antique fair that was held to raise money for the local animal sanctuary, so if they were a few minutes late Gary figures that it might just save him some money so he wasn’t going to complain about her time keeping, Penny was always very generous at these gatherings. Penny slipped into the passenger seat with a big grin on her face. “You’d better put your foot down Gary and get there a bit rapid, I don’t want to miss the first lot.”

Gary sighed again and did as he was told, anything for a quiet life.


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