It’s Back

‘Pictures Of Deceit’ is back from my proofreader and all was well, minimal changes, I was a very happy author, then I made the mistake of re-reading it…. so now I’m having a meltdown, what I was hoping to have released by the end of July may end up being a mid Sept release! It needs changing I’m not happy with it, this is not good enough, that is wrong…why on earth did I write that!… every available minute is given over to changing things… Phew…… Why was it not possible to see these things before it went to the proofreader?  On the upside I still think it’s a damn good tale but it needs tinkering with. Let’s hope I can work out the right time to leave it alone and let it be.

Why are we never happy with our work, why are we so critical? It will all be worth it in the end … I hope. I also hope the readers appreciate it after all that’s why we do it.

You could read This – The Community whilst you wait for me to finish perfecting Pictures Of Deceit for you 🙂


7 thoughts on “It’s Back

  1. I’m totally feeling this doubt too at the moment. Every time a publisher says no I rewrite and edit trying to improve. I’m getting really tired of editing my edits. How do you know when the cut off point is?

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  2. Well you know, that’s the sign of a good writer – always seeing how you can improve. We have to strive for perfection, otherwise we’re just adding ourselves to that list of crap writers no-one ever reads. Rejoice, I say, rejoice!

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