So having time on my hands this evening I set about doing my second favourite hobby, learning the Thai language, I surprised myself at how much I remembered as I haven’t looked at my study notes for well over a year.

Such a beautiful language which is great to read and write, speaking it is a whole new deal and a far more difficult one. I’ve been generally rubbish at learning languages all of my life but I discovered that if it’s a completely different alphabet it’s actually much easier to learn, you go into it with no preconceptions. My husband thinks I should have worked for Bletchley Park. I taught myself the alphabet then how to structure a sentence and that’s it really. Every year I treat myself to a novel in Thai and take all year to read it (many of them have never been finished!)  so tonight I continued with my copy of the Hobbit. I’m not expecting much sleep as it could take me a fair ten years to finish it.




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