Any love will do.

This started out to be a shaming Sainsbury security guards post but in the last few hours thoughts and actions have changed this. 

So I will start out as I planned to.

We all sit here on our computers being nice to each other and putting out kindness and we expect the rest of the world to slip seamlessly into this mould. Naive indeed but I like to think the best of people. So when I heard a news report about two men being asked to leave a London supermarket because a woman complained about them holding hands whilst shopping, I was stunned… are people still really so petty and small minded enough to be offended by human beings showing emotion. They were duly evicted from the supermarket. Almost compounding this stupidity of it all Sainsburys offered the couple a £10 gift voucher as an apology. REALLY!!!

In my mind any affection in such a cruel world is to be applauded not looked down upon. So I was going to have a rant this morning but then I saw the latest news report which made me smile and restored my faith in mankind.

200 people stage a kissathon outside a London supermarket carrying rainbow flags…. YES!!!

I applaud the people who stood up for them and for the two guys involved I hope they see how many people are supporting them and never stop holding hands. 

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