Wrinkles, Age and Wisdom


I looked in the mirror this morning & found a new wrinkle… It made me smile.

I got these wrinkles from laughter, from some of the most amazing times of my life. They would mean nothing to you dear reader but belly laughing as often as possible is, I promise you wonderful for your health. Friends, family and lovers be sure to laugh often with them, life is too serious try to make light of it whenever you can.

Then there’s the wrinkles borne of tragedy,  the deep sorrow at losing a love that you thought would last forever, a family member or a pet. It’s a secret but I’ll share…. nothing lasts forever, enjoy it whilst you have it. Allow that sorrow to change into smiles with acceptance of a situation.

Then people say ahhhh but those wrinkles are from squinting you should get rid of those, a good plastic surgeon could help. I answer yes, absolutely from times when I’ve squinted to see a beautiful scene through full sunlight, images that if I could show them to you would lighten your very soul. Take every experience of your life and let it show on your face, it will make you beautiful. No plastic surgeon could replace those images with anything sweeter.

Enjoy your life and your wrinkles, smile often, laugh more so. For it is a fact no-one gets out of this life alive.


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