Nice Or Not.

Something I’ve always been curious about, why do we like the people we like? We look at people and make a decision on what kind of people they are whilst they are still strangers. We all do it, we all instantly judge but how? Some people we are drawn to some we are repelled from, is it chemistry? How can it be when we do it almost instantly? 

We all laugh, cry, gossip, shout, scream and go through many of the same life experiences so how do we process our impressions within a split second. It’s not the same as finding people attractive or not we all know someone who is stunning to look at but not a very nice person and vice versa. 

My theory is that the older we get the more our inner selves show on our faces. We can hide the way we instinctively feel by control but eventually it has to come out somewhere. A lesson for the younger amongst us to think kindly as well as being seen to act that way. Eventually  our true nature will out and your face will become the road map of your life. Be warned, be kind.

9 thoughts on “Nice Or Not.

  1. You know, the more you scowl, the more those lines stick to your face. It goes back to the old wives tale of, Don’t make that face or it will stick. Its true. I always have been attracted to laugh lines, they tell of adventure and make me want to know that person. However, if someone has pursed lips and a wrinkled brow, it makes me want to stay away from staying around them too long. I do love to make those people smile though. Always a challenge in my day!

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  2. “If the sign of life is in your face
    He who responds to it
    Will feel secure and fit
    As when, in a friendly place,
    Sure of hearty
    A traveler gladly waits.
    Though it may not taste like food
    And he may not see the fare
    Or hear a sound of plates,
    How endless it is and how good!”

    Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching

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