Things To Stop Doing.

It’s that time in your life…. time to put things right. We’re all so stressed and so busy there are a few things we should take time to do for ourselves. If you’re anything like me you’ll be bogged down with the day to day routines and all of the things that are on our mind that have gathered there over our lifetimes.

Time to stop! Tim to take stock and have a clear out…. no, I don’t mean you should dump everything in your life and start again, just a few small changes in the way you think should get you in a better place.

So there’s five things you should stop doing.

  1. Living In The Past – Face up to the things that have followed you around, things that happened in the past are gone, done. You can’t change them but you can accept they happened and move on. Let them go, they don’t define who you are now.
  2. Put yourself down – Stop this immediately, we’re all unique, special human beings with our own strengths and weaknesses. One thing I can promise you is that in ten years time you’ll look back at a photo of you now and realise how great you looked. So enjoy it now.
  3. Doing things you don’t like – We all do this, yes there are some things that need doing that none of us want to do but when you have spare time and someone asks you to do something with them only do it if you want to. Life’s too short to waste it doing stuff you don’t enjoy.
  4. Overthinking – Guilty again, I think most if not all of us do this. Relax and enjoy your life, overthinking will only drag you down and you’ll be sure to find problems that really don’t exist.
  5. Living for others. – Do I really need to explain this one? It’s your life, live it.

Start small and be happy. If you have any tips for making life happier please share them with everyone here.

Oh and smile more………


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