Please Do Not Touch

The shop assistant welcomes him…..

He walks into the shop every inch a grown man but acts like a child, he walks around having to touch everything his eyes see, when he sees a sign that says ‘Please Do Not Touch’ it is not seen as a request, it is seen as a challenge. So he touches with no respect for the things that he has no intention of buying.

The shop assistant watches…

He continues around the shop, handling everything as he goes, eventually he comes to a large display of cuddly dragons, all colours, all sizes, he picks up a small one but tosses it back onto the shelf, when he notices a purple one deep inside the pile, he has to see that. He plunges his hand in.

The shop assistant holds her breath…

He lets out an ear piercing scream and sharply pulls his arm away from the display. Attached to his bleeding fingers an improbably bright purple dragons with smiling eyes.

The shop assistant shrugs and points to the sign. ‘Please Do Not Touch’.


22 thoughts on “Please Do Not Touch

  1. Love it; someone mentions shops and I’m right back inside “Needful Things.” Something about knowing shopkeepers and letting folk carry on instead of intervening. A good old dose of serves you right and lesson learned.

    Although, I think you said in a comment your day job is in retail? Am I seeing your sadistic mind glaring at customers that do this day in day out and you really, really want this snapping dragon for real 🙂

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  2. Lol. That’s funny! I have to admit though, I hate when I see signs that say ‘do not touch’ or ‘do not press’……because it makes me really want to do it!!! But I never would because I’m a bit more disciplined than this lad.

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    • To a point I agree but I sell swords and no one ever listens to me…. Sorry thats the retailer coming out in me 😀 I do get to the point where I wonder if I should be selling sharp pointy things at all 😀 Glad you enjoyed the story… or maybe it was true?????????????


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