The Charade – Part 3

The story continues… This part was added by Carol Taylor you can find her at or at her WordPress blog  I’m loving the change of direction.

I still have no idea where it’s going but I will add to it from time to time and hopefully we might have a bit of storytelling going on. If you would like to add to it or give the next part some direction, please feel free. I just thought we could have some fun with it. So what happens next?

The Charade – Part 3.

The girls eyes closed and she slept, she felt safe ,warm and loved she was being bounced up and down on her daddy’s knee… her mother was coming towards her ..arms outstretched to take her.

“ Its time for your nap little one”

Her mother swept her into her arms and turned.

“Give her to me bitch”

The girl was snatched from her mothers arms.

She woke, tears streaming down her cheeks.

It was always that same dream

“Why can’t I see his face? Who am I ? Where are my parents?

She curled up into a little ball and wept.

Meanwhile…..Carl Ward was lying on his bed…a cruel smile played across his lips.

This was going to be the easiest job he had done in a while…..



18 thoughts on “The Charade – Part 3

  1. Hey Steph, Namaste 🙂

    Mr Ward appears to be quite the charmer, and she charmed.

    To offer a possible suggestion for direction…

    Upset and a little confused by the repeating nature of her dream she is unable to sleep and rather than lie tossing and turning she grabs her coat and slips silently from the room. Downstairs she makes a call on the lobby phone and orders a cab heading downtown.

    Even at this early morning hour the city is alive with the pulse of a different beat to that resounding in her heart. She feels alienated in a strange place, alone and a little uncertain but yet a part of something far larger and far more expectant of her than she is of herself: expectant in ways both great and small. By chance her cab passes a small squat building tucked away from the main drag with a neon-sign that reads ‘Astrological Society, Open 24/7.’ Curiosity immediately gets the better of her and she leans forward and asks the driver to pull over. Having paid the driver she exits the cab and heads for the small building.

    She arrives and is surprised to find the door wide open. Whilst deliberating on the doorstep trying to decide if she should enter the building she hears the sound of footsteps come running up behind her. Turning quickly she is startled to see a small girl run past her and disappear in through the open door. She remains rooted on the spot surprised by the small girl’s sudden appearance and even quicker disappearance when suddenly there’s a scream from inside the building…

    Enjoy Wednesday and the rest of the week. Take care of one and all.

    Namaste 🙂


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    • Oh that’s very good. 😊 maybe I can use that in a later chapter. Up to chapter 15 is on my website. Although phones would have been a luxury so she would have to walk, she’s very poor. But I will indeed use this, thank you.
      Hope all’s well with you.

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      • Oh I’m sorry to have arrived late yet again at the party lol 🙂 But thank you for appreciating. Of course weave it in there someplace if it fits else file it under B for bin 🙂

        So, Chapter 15: this ‘short’ story seems to be extending itself rather nicely and is becoming almost a novelette! I certainly have some catching up to do. I hope the heroine becomes better off by the end of the story.

        Thank you for asking, all is as well as can be expected: I’m looking the bank holiday weekend and have fingers crossed for decent weather: only tropical sunshine would suffice 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


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      • And tropical sunshine you shall have 😉 or maybe a little liquid sunshine.
        I’m putting a chapter a day out there and then we’ll kick off again. So glad to have you on board.

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      • I’ll settle for the tropical sunshine as I’m not certain what liquid sunshine is?

        Wiki gave this answer: What is ‘liquid sunshine?’

        1.A beverage that is fluorescent or irradiated, believed to have medicinal properties.
        2.An alcoholic beverage that is particularly smooth and tasty.
        3.(ironic) Rain.

        A chapter per day? Excellent! It’s hard-work but very satisfying getting to the end of the month 🙂 I do wish you well keeping the tally going.

        I will enjoy the read, thank you Steph.

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Ah, I see: that’s cheating! 😀 I thought you were writing a fresh post daily. It matters not, I’ll enjoy the read and discovering more of this Mr Ward.

        If ‘rain’ then I certainly don’t want that! Wales is green enough 🙂

        Happy writing!

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Right I see, I’m up to speed with the endeavour now Steph, sorry for being a bit slow on the uptake.

        I like the approach you’re taking to story-telling, it’s very organic with plenty of room to breathe and grow.

        Have you had much participation or will I find that out for myself when I read it.

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Okay 🙂 I have some reading to catch up with first, 10 chapters or so, but I’ll have my thinking cap on whilst doing so 🙂

        Thanks Steph…might be an interesting breather from the Great Fairy Fire….Merlin is procrastinating again when he should be prognosticating 🙂

        Enjoy your evening. Sweet dreams for when you get to Zzzzz.

        Namaste 🙂


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