Bullet Journal


I have always meant to keep a journal but it just never seemed to work out for me, I’d start off in a blaze of glory only to find 4 or 5 days later I had forgotten to write something or I just plain couldn’t be bothered. Then I discovered the bullet journal.

Simply brilliant, everything is now in one place, past, present and future and I find myself looking forward to using it. It’s all there and there’s not a computer in sight, I am hooked. So from here on in hopefully I’ll never forget anything again (normally I have a brain like a sieve!) and I can keep track of ideas, plans, designs, words.

If you haven’t tried it yet I urge you to, just use an old notebook and have a go. Use the first couple of pages as an index that you can fill in as you work through your notebook and number the pages. Apart from that there’s no rules. I have a to do list, a habit forming page and the regular notes and dates, I also have a page for book I want to read and things that make me smile. It’s just so engaging and it gets me away from a screen for a while, which my eyes thank me for.

There are some really beautiful examples out there too, check out google images for some ideas. Some people have made the most amazing books, mine is basic but I love it and I can keep track of everything that needs doing in one place.

I am one very happy writer.

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