Coconut Oil – and why you should be using it

I use Coconut Oil for everything especially on cuts and scratches. This is a real all-rounder not a fad.

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Health fad aside, coconut oil is genuinely a multi-purpose, beneficial and healthy addition to your life; be it in cooking or as a part of your beauty regime! There is an astounding amount of evidence detailing all the amazing properties coconut oil has and I urge you to click on the links below if you’re curious. This post is quite sciencey and I’ve done it this way to emphasize to the sceptics that all of this information about coconut oil has been obtained from clinical trials and valid medical research however if you just want to know what it’s good for, and not why, stick with it and focus on the take home message at the end of each paragraph. Most of the following info is from the second link at the bottom of this article.

My first point is that it can be affordable, virgin coconut oil is slightly more expensive (and…

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