Cemetery Lane

Halloween short story competition

Halloween Writing Contest

Word count 855



Cemetery Lane


It was one of those nights on Cemetery Lane that made you feel electric with energy and somber with thought all at the same time. The air was crisp, dead leaves scattered as they ran underfoot and glided overhead, filling the night with noise. The moon was full and luminous casting an eerie light on the scene below. Halloween was in full swing, the streets were abuzz with hooded figures and lively children enjoying their annual candy hunt.

Hidden from the action at the end of the long lane of perfectly decorated houses stood the towering and dark-windowed number 13 Cemetery Lane. Behind it, the forest stood lightless and desolate, a depressing shadow on a lively scene. It was in this very house at this very moment that …

Old Zeb stood in the attic window overlooking the scene playing out on the street. “These stupid people have no idea what they are inviting.” He muttered under his breath to the raven perched on his wrist. “They’ll learn.” He added as he watched the children running around with plastic cauldrons and cloaks decorated in pentagrams. He watched. A smile played across his lips. “I’ll teach them.” The raven fluttered from his wrist seemingly into nowhere. He turned and strode across the attic passing several unusual symbols carved into the walls.

Outside, the children passed by number 13 nervously, they had heard tales of the man who lived there, their parents warned them to stay away from him, he was too strange even for Halloween.

Zeb knew no one would knock on his door, he wouldn’t be disturbed. He stared at his reflection in a pool of dark liquid until it started to swirl and smoke, he swept his hand across it and smiled. Zeb pushed his finger into the liquid and drew a square, it parted where his fingers touched, suddenly he started jabbing his finger into the center of the square. “Your prison for tonight.” He laughed. There were screams as if people were free falling.

Back on the street all of the houses lights flickered and died, the leaves stopped falling and complete silence fell across the lane. The children stopped and looked around at the now dark windows; even the candles had been extinguished. They looked cautiously around them, they were stunned, all of the adults seemed to have mysteriously disappeared. The initial surprise gave way quickly to a nervous fear, they were alone in the dark, they moved towards each other for comfort and reassurance. There was a sound like laughter emitting from number 13 as if the whole house was laughing, the children screamed.

The adults looked at each other, they were covered in what looked like blood and confined in a small, cold, room. They tried to speak but there was only silence from where their mouths had once been. There appeared to be a small window at the top of the room to allow a small amount of light in, they had no idea where they were but everyone there was a resident of Cemetery Lane. There were candles burning all around them and the smell of tallow hung thick in the air.

Zeb looked down into the liquid at the squirming mass and whispered. “They’re mine now.” He drew a pentagram in a fluid movement to bind their souls and left the attic. Slipping his clown mask on as he left the house. It didn’t really matter what he looked like but it was Halloween after all.

The children saw an adult in a clowns mask and ran to him, a boy asking “What’s happening?” He shrugged and walked towards the forest, knowing as the only adult around the children would follow him, still they asked questions. He walked up to an old oak tree and stopped, a little girl in a witches hat tugged on his coat. “Where’s my Mommy?” He opened his mouth and the woman’s voice floated out “I’m here, don’t worry darling.” The girl started crying. He drew a pentagram on the bark of the tree with his finger and a door appeared. Inside looked warm and inviting and there were fairies, all dressed in black with the wings of ravens, dancing around the doorway. The children laughed, spellbound by the small creatures and willingly walked into the ancient tree as the man with the smiling clown’s face held the doorway open for them. Suddenly there was a noisy beating of wings and screeching and the door slammed shut.

A murder of ravens – the clown smiled revealing razor sharp teeth.



Daily News

1st November 2016

Halloween Horror on Cemetery Lane


This morning in Cemetery Lane police were called to a mass disappearance of children, it appears every child that went trick or treating last night has vanished after a brief electricity blackout in the lane. The police have searched all of the surrounding areas but with no sign of them. There is a search on for 13 children who will be wearing Halloween outfits. Pictures are being circulated nationwide. If you have any information please contact your local police station.


17 thoughts on “Cemetery Lane

  1. This was awesome, I really like the magic he used in the story! It was really satisfying picturing him drawing a square through water. And the raven winged fairies?!? That was soooo creepy cool! You are a wonderful writer!

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  2. I blame IT too…although I should have started with can you guys stop writing great stories! I’m really struggling with picking my choice to vote for…

    Great job with this one…loved it 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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