The Charade – Part 4


I have continued the short story, I still have no idea where it’s going but I will add to it from time to time and hopefully we might have a bit of storytelling going on. If you would like to add to it or give the next part some direction, please feel free. I just thought we could have some fun with it. So what happens next?

The Charade – Part 4

She eventually calmed down, it always took her a while to recover from this dream, she never knew if it was a nightmare or a memory, but it always affected her in the same way. She would like to try to find her parents but she didn’t know anyone who would have known them or if she did they weren’t sharing any information with her. She hadn’t even been able to find out her given name.

She casually picked up the calling card and smiled, maybe she should forget trying to find out about her past and concentrate on her future, maybe a future with a gentleman. She knew she was leaping ahead too quickly but for the first time in a long time she was happy and she was determined to enjoy the feeling.

She left her room to go to see her boss, she needed to collect money from him that she had earned the previous evening. He never allowed her to keep tips he always wanted a share of them.

Carl waited patiently in the bookshop doorway, he was watching for her. He saw her emerge from a house that he knew was just rooms and not of a high quality either. She looked very different this morning, her clothes were old and tired, but she was wearing the most beautiful smile. Around her neck was a sparkling jewel the only thing about her that really sparkled.

He followed her …



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