Cemetery Lane

Halloween short story competition Halloween Writing Contest Word count 855   Cemetery Lane   It was one of those nights on Cemetery Lane that made you feel electric with energy and somber with thought all at the same time. The air was crisp, dead leaves scattered as they ran underfoot and glided overhead, filling the […]

Read A Book Today.

Time to escape from social media for a while, we are all so connected all the time now that we never have a moment to ourselves. Regain yourself, that inner person who needs tending to, find a little time in your day and treat yourself. Winter is fast approaching and there’s nothing nicer than to curl […]

Truth #5

The Community Available as paperback or on Kindle. Pictures of Deceit … Alex is back. Now also available in paperback or on your kindle Available worldwide so check out your local kindle stor… Source: Truth #5

Adventures in Self-Publishing: Promotion, or No One Cares About Your Damn Book!

Originally posted on Drinking Tips for Teens:
From Life in Quebec magazine, September 2016 An occasional and mostly self-serving record of self-publishing my debut novel, A Hole in the Ground, with possible tips (or warnings) for others thinking of doing the same.  The good news is that it’s never been easier to self-publish. The bad…

A Rich Vein For Writers

Living in a place like Glastonbury I sometimes take it for granted but days like yesterday make me realise how lucky I am. It’s a strange place that’s a lot of fun, pixie ears are seen as low key and normal for Glastonbury life. But yesterday is the day that visitors to our little town […]

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