It’s All In The Cards

She bowed her head and turned over the next card in the layout. She was deep in thought. Her relationship with Sam had been going nowhere for too long and the first card about herself had shown her that there was a painful separation coming up, the card she chose for Sam spoke of betrayal. Her relationship was falling apart before her very eyes. Deep down she had already known this but still it hurt that even the cards could see it.

The next card showed that it was  compassion that had brought them together and the next that it was fear of letting go that held them together. She looked up from the cards, it was so true, he had been there to pick her up after her marriage had failed but she knew deep down they should never have been more than friends. Now neither of them knew how to move on, they had made their own prison.

She flipped the next card over, weakness in the relationship, there it was, regret and haste. She knew that was true, they had run head first into the relationship but only as an excuse to not be alone.

The final card was waiting… if she turned this over would they sink or swim? She took a deep breath and hooked her nail under the card to flip it over, she held her breath. There it was ‘The Tower’ a portent of disaster, now she knew what she had to do.

She would wait for him to come home and finish everything, when she was done he would never bother her again, she would make sure of it … after all it was all in the cards…



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