Love, Laugh & Care, It’ll All Be Over Too Soon.


What do you want?

Every day our aspirations change, every day something happens to us to change our way through this world. We love, laugh , cry and grieve and all of these emotions change us fundamentally as human beings.

What you wanted for your life will change as fate deals out its hand and closes doors and if you’re lucky, opens others to you.

Most of us start off not knowing what we want from life, just a rough idea of success and money, we grow up and want careers and families. Some get everything some get none of them, we learn to live with what we get because we don’t always get what we want. We get what we get and have to make the best of it. You were always told that if you work hard you will achieve, well, maybe just one wrong decision can wipe away all of that hard work and make life seem unfair.

We move on through life doing our best, taking care of those we love and then one day you wake up and realise you’re more than halfway through your life and your wants and needs change. The longer we live the more grief we have to face and the more we treasure love and memories. The less we worry about the aspirations we had when we were younger, they no longer seem important. Happiness becomes the main goal and we try to put right all of the wrongs that have happened throughout of lives. We look at people and know they too have a story to tell and now we take time to listen. We learn to care.

Now we are looking for peace and contentment and we finally realise that, that is the only important thing in life. Through all of our struggles for power and money the realisation dawns that life is short and it’s only real purpose is to make life as pleasant as possible for everyone. Never judge or ridicule we are all trying to get to the same place.

Love, laugh and care, it’ll all be over too soon.

Thanks to Ace Ventura – Tree of life for the image.

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