Warning This May Offend.

I don’t want to offend anyone and I hope you will view these pictures for what they are. I have put it under Art because to me it is so utterly incredible that the line between science and art is blurred. Anything that makes me react this way has to be art, in many ways it is utterly beautiful, natural and amazing and then there is the other side of the argument that calls it macabre, ugly or just plain scary.

With an introduction like that I can only be talking about one man. ‘Gunther Von Hagen’

Brilliant or odd you decide… personally I think his work is utterly beautiful, inspiring and educating, that said I still claim the right to find some of it too much for me. His work is quite brilliant though and has helped many in the medical sciences learn more about our bodies. He has developed new body sectioning methods that yield very thin slices, which can then be plastinated. The slices can be used for anatomy studies. He is also developing similar techniques for larger specimens such as an elephant. He works in a concealed laboratory. There is much controversy surrounding him and he obviously likes to shock but his Bodyworks exhibition still tours the world and the world still demands extra dates to see his work.

You decide.

4 thoughts on “Warning This May Offend.

  1. I studied human anatomy, physiology, and neuroanatomy for over five years. I performed human dissections and got super close and personal with the human body. It is a work of art and it is glorious! Of course if you were to do work, or art like this you’d need signed consent. The bodies I worked on were all voluntarily given. But so much (for lack of better describing words) of the body is art, and so much raw creativity and inspiration comes from it. I love this post! I love that you are excited about this and I’m glad you posted it!

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    • Thank you. I’ve always appreciated his work and it makes me question myself, which I think is a good thing. Never certain if I’m comfortable with it or not but some of it is so incredibly beautiful. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. ☺

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