Handwriting and What You Are Giving Away.

Even in these days of computers, when almost everything is typed out, businesses check your handwriting. They even employ companies to do it for them, spending a fortune on trying to find out about your personality before they will employ or promote you.

The study of Graphology is still taken incredibly seriously. It can give away thousands of personality traits.

There are the simple distinctions if you write large sized letters you are considered to be more outgoing than people who use small letters. If you put a lot of pressure on the paper you are more likely to anger quicker than those who have a lighter touch and if you leave large gaps between words you will be thought of as more of a loner whereas people who write close together like the company of others.

Can You read your signature? Those who are more confident are more likely to sign a name that can be read but those who use a squiggle are more likely to be shy and hard to read or simply trying to hide something.

Do your letters slant? No, well you’re probably well adjusted and no over emotional, slant to the right? You are open to new experiences. Slant to the left? Reserved and are happy in your own company.

I can offer you much more information if you want it, just ask.

It does make me wonder why handwriting is not taught seriously in schools any more, it’s important. I hear you saying, but we all use keyboards now. You’re right but we also choose which font we like to write in.

It’ll always give us away.

Remember beautiful handwriting is always admired.


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