Come Back in Peace and Love


She sits in the dark of her room with the curtains pulled wide open to allow the light of the supermoon to fall across her altar. The flames from her black candles danced with a slight breeze that moved through the room.

Tonight for this special ceremony she wore a purple and white flowing gown, she leaned towards the altar and lit her patchouli incense, the smell sweeping over her and calming her as she wrote a word on a piece of parchment, folded it up and placed it under a piece of carnelian.

I banish you negativity,

I banish you negative attitude,

I banish you bad spirit

I welcome happiness and love.

She took a deep breath and whispered “Come back to me now in peace and love.” Stood up and swirled around, the breeze from her gown extinguished the candles, she picked up the carnelian and the parchment underneath. The carnelian was for success, she always used it for her spells and this one was the most important of her life. She confidently strode out into the garden and scraped away some dirt and placed the paper and stone in the ground allowing the light of the moon to bathe it.

The next morning she woke up and without even opening her eyes and reached out to her left, there was the warm soft skin of the man she loved, she rolled towards him and wound her arm around his chest. He was here and he was real and this time she would make it work. It had been her promise to the super moon.

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