Glastonbury – Winter

This town is so beautiful, even when I’m complaining about the cold and how much I detest Winter, it still manages to take my breath away. Never visited? You should, it’s a pretty little town on the Somerset levels, full of myth and history. We have healing waters, springs, King Arthur, a stunning Abbey, there’s […]

Quotes from the King.

If you want to learn about writers and why we do it, you’ll go a long way before you find better insights.I don’t agree with everything he says but there is a lot of good sense amongst the hundreds of quotes that have been attributed to him.“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”“The scariest moment is […]


It’s boxing day and I have been spending the quiet time over Christmas working hard on editing a brand new book of short stories, these stories have been written over the last year or so and now they are all polished and ready for your eyes. They started their lives out as being ideas for longer […]

Merry Christmas … I Love You.

The turkey is cooked, the presents opened and the dinner is almost ready to serve, Caren looked around the room, the table looked perfect and she was dressed in her Christmas outfit and added the beautiful emerald necklace her husband had bought for her. When she was growing up she had never realised that Christmas could […]

2 Days, 2 Hours

“So what’s the plan?” Sandi asked.”What do you mean?” Sean replied.”There’s only 2 days left to get ready, where do we start?””What do you mean start? You’ve done the shopping haven’t you?””Well I’ve got a few presents…””Whaatttttt!” Two minutes later they both make their way out of the door. “What’s the rush the shops are open […]

Christmas Wishes.

I’m feeling festive and just wanted to stop by to wish all you readers, writers and bloggers a wonderful Christmas, I hope it’s everything you wish for and there’s much love and laughter to go around. I for one will be using the excuse for a day off to get some serious writing done although I […]

3 Days, 3 Hours & 30 minutes

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…Santa is doing his last minute checks as the elves load the sleigh and Mrs Clause bustles around making sure everyone is well fed and well dressed. A few last minute letters fly through the air and land at her feet, some children leave it so late. It’s no problem […]

The Secret Keeper – Review

4.8/5.0 Wrap yourself up in a family’s secrets.The Secret Keeper by Kate MortonI lovely book which takes you through the history of a family through the eyes of two different generations. A lovely read if for me a little long for the story but still it was atmospheric and enjoyable, it will keep you guessing […]

Relax With Another Good Book.

Alex is back and this time she’s suspected of having something to do with the disappearance of Michael Masters, the famous art dealer. Can she find out what’s happened to him before the police try to come after her. Friends and family again form a big part of the story and there’s alway plenty of love […]

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