A Bucket Full of Gold

This has to be the story of the week. Okay so it’s stealing and it’s wrong but where was the security guard? And I’m sure he will be found. But really you couldn’t make this up. New York police are searching for a man who swiped a large bucket of gold flakes from the back of an armored truck, disappearing with an estimated $1.6m in treasure.The city’s police department released photos and video of the suspect on Tuesday evening following the incident on 29 September, which was caught on surveillance footage.The suspect is seen lingering near the truck and then taking advantage of a moment of distraction by security guards to snatch the five-gallon (19-liter) bucket.The video shows the man, wearing green, walking away with some difficulty, carrying the 86-pound (39 kg) container.The theft happened on a busy stretch of 48th Street in the borough of Manhattan, near the Rockefeller Center office and shopping complex, police said.Police, who said they believe the man has since fled to Florida, described him as 50 to 60 years old, Hispanic and wearing a black vest and green shirt.Thanks to the Guardian for the story. Originally from Reuters.

Source: A Bucket Full of Gold


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