Ethereal Lives.

4.5/5.0 A great debut novel.Ethereal Lives by Gem Stone.Normally Sci-fi is not the genre I would choose to read but look at that cover… I couldn’t resist. Seriously though as a debut novel this is a really good read, as I got into it I found myself looking forward to the time in the evening I could sit down and read, it’s a relaxing read that will take you through galaxies and treat you to a vision of new worlds with characters that you will love. For aliens they are surprisingly nice characters that bond well and everyone in the story has their own characters, no one is left out. So will she choose to go or to fight for a chance at happiness. Oh and for the record I think Bizax is a star. The Blurb – Hearing of Earth’s pending destruction, Ax and his men decide to grab a human and sell it to the highest bidder. But he doesn’t realise what he is getting when they pick Ariane. Believing humans to be simple, docile creatures, he gets a big shock when he finally meets one.Ariane grew up tough. She knows how to defend herself, and has no plans to go to the auction block quietly. She intends to stop at every planet, see everything, and push every button she can along the way and she’s dragging Ax along for the ride.But Ax has a secret, and when he gets taken prisoner Ariane must decide what she wants more. Her freedom or the man she loves.

Source: Ethereal Lives.


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