Be Kind With Your Reviews

This is so true, in this world of mass publishing it has never been more accessible to get books out into the hands of readers. Although still not an easy task. When you have you hope they will review your work, it’s one of the ways that will get you noticed.We know as authors not everyone will like what they read, if they did there would be one formula for a book and there would be little point in write a new one. So we have to accept we all have preferences. Personally I will read almost anything but given a choice I will avoid Sci-Fi and Fantasy, they just don’t tick the boxes for me although I have been proved wrong and read a couple of good ones over the years. I digress what I am here to say is, please, review the books you read, yes all of them, it helps the author but in your reviews be kind and thoughtful. Behind those pages you have spent time reading there is a human being with feelings just the same as you, the difference being that they chose to bear their soul so you could read it. Valid criticism is great the author needs that, but some of the reviews I have seen have been particularly spikey and I always wonder how the author copes with that. Remember the quote above, we really do hold our breath when someone says ‘So, I read your book’ … We write to make you feel, make you think and entertain you. Enjoy your next read.

Source: Be Kind With Your Reviews


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