To Publish or Not To Publish.

I need a little help here, having written a number of short stories I now don’t know whether I should publish them as a book of short stories or if I should just add them to my website. What I need to gauge is whether you as the reader would be more likely to read them in e-book form of from a computer screen as individual stories. Personally, I prefer book form, albeit in ebook form, I can relax with my e-reader. I cannot get comfortable reading from a computer screen but I’m not sure how you read your books/stories. So if you can let me know how you would be more likely to read them I would be eternally grateful.

Source: To Publish or Not To Publish.


6 thoughts on “To Publish or Not To Publish.

  1. I would vote for putting them on the site because I don’t, at least so far, do e-books. I know that probably make me an outlier. I also don’t use a smart phone or tablet, sticking with my nice big desktop screen.

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      • I might get a smart phone when I can get one with a real Linux OS in it (preferably Open SUSE, my favorite) and not a slave to the Apple, Google, Amazon, or some other Borg just out to sell my data. But the main reason is the ten years I spent working Crisis On-Call and chained to a pager. Now, I don’t even take my dumb cell phone with me unless I’m going more than ten miles from home. There just isn’t anybody who really needs to be able to ring me up wherever I am 24/7.

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      • I think that’s great. I wish I could do the same, unfortunately I am a slave to mine. Maybe when I give up work I’ll try to get rid of mine. They’re super useful but yes being available 24/7 is a bind.

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