Savoy Theatre

The Savoy theatre, in my opinion it is the most beautiful theatres I have ever been in. Built in 1881 it was used to stage the works of the Gilbert and Sullivan’s opera’s opening with ‘Patience’  It became famous for being the first public building in the world to be lit by electric lighting.  The auditorium was demolished in 1929, closed for 135 days and reopening the same year.The interior decorated “in the manner of the Italian Renaissance”, with white, pale yellow and gold predominating, including a gold satin curtain, red boxes and dark blue seats. There were none of the cherubs, deities and mythical creatures familiar from the décor of rival theatres. Carte wanted nothing that would appear too garish or gaudy to his target, middle-class audience. There was a fire in 1990 but the interior was faithfully restored to its former beauty it reopened in 1993.To this day it is still an incredibly beautiful theatre.

Source: Savoy Theatre


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