Why Write For Niume?

I have tried many blog sites and joined in with many groups looking for that one site that works for me. Initially I found wordpress to be excellent and easy to use and regularly used it and still do, then a friend pointed me in the direction of Niume and I found my home in blogging terms. There were many sites in between, that tried to do the same as Niume but failed with the quality of their service, a lot of them are just too messy. After Niumes last update I found everything I wanted in one place. Every post can be seamlessly linked to all of your other sites, and when they added WordPress to their list of places to share posts I thought all of my birthdays had come a once. No more having to rewrite blog posts and re-tag them all and now that the tags can be whatever we want them to be, instead of just a choice of a dozen or so. I know some people don’t like the having to sign up before they can have a look around but I can reassure anyone that there really is nothing to lose by signing up, sign up here and join in I’ve certainly never regretted it.So I honestly think this is the best place to base your blog and if you work hard at it you can even earn some money doing it, you’re not going to be rich but it’s a nice added treat to your blogging and there’s a ready made audience for your writing, music, photography or just about anything you can dream up.Come on and have some fun.

Source: Why Write For Niume?


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