Write a Book They Said… It’ll Be Fun They Said.

Here’s what you weren’t told about writing a book. Yes, it is fun and yes I still think if it’s  what you want to do you should do it. Here’s what I see happening aside from the writing of your book. You’ve gone out and bought your new notebook and a flash pen after all you need all of the tools to do your new job. Then you go out and buy that all singing and all dancing laptop now you really are an author aren’t you, a real one with a zero bank balance and all before you’ve even written a word.Now you have all of those great ideas and begin writing, join a few writing groups on the internet and suddenly seemingly out of nowhere you get bombarded with adverts for a myriad of must have writers apps and courses and people who promise to help you succeed. That’s time you should be using to write you are now using to field all of those emails. Then you start worrying that you must have those specialised programs to write and format your book. Shhhh I’ll tell you a secret… You don’t need them.So you avoid all of that and get back to your writing, make sure you have time there’s nothing to give you a guilt trip like family who want your time and this is where many people fall by the wayside. There’s no easy way around this apart from making them understand that this is important to you. Friends want you to go out, family want your undivided attention and all you want is to sit down and write. This is a tough hurdle to get over.  So you’ve got through all of that and there it is your beautiful book. This is where you realise writing alone is just not enough, there’s the publishing, how are you going to do it without being ripped off. The publicity because no one else is going to do it for you, the website, the blog, the social media…… Stop the world I want to get off.Stop take a breath, it’s all do-able but take it one step at a time. One little tip… start your blog now it’ll save you a lot of heartache once your published. Relax and keep writing, it’s tough sometimes but there’s no feeling in the world like holding that book that you’ve sweated and worried over in your hands for that first publicity shot.

Source: Write a Book They Said… It’ll Be Fun They Said.


9 thoughts on “Write a Book They Said… It’ll Be Fun They Said.

  1. It all sounds so exciting and scary!! I’d love to write a book one day! I’m hoping that writing this blog gives me the skills to write and helps me know what people want! If you have any time, some feedback on the writing in any of my posts would be really appreciated!!

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