3 Days, 3 Hours & 30 minutes

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…Santa is doing his last minute checks as the elves load the sleigh and Mrs Clause bustles around making sure everyone is well fed and well dressed. A few last minute letters fly through the air and land at her feet, some children leave it so late. It’s no problem there’s always more than enough to go around and a few extra presents get added to the sleigh.Rudolph nudges his way forward, he alway was a big softy. He loves Christmas and he loves all of the carrots the children leave for him, he likes to think it’s the carrots that keep his nose glowing. He nuzzles into Mrs Clause’s shoulder looking for a hug.Mrs Clause wraps her arms around his furry head and kisses his nose, she would never tell the others but she loved Rudolph most out of all of the reindeer. “Go and get some rest Rudolph.” She smiled at him and pulled out of her pocket a carrot for him. He trotted away happily, he took a look over his shoulder he didn’t want to go to the stable. “Go Rudolph there’s only 3 days, 3 hours and 15 minutes left.” She could have sworn he smiled as he twitched his nose and carried on to the stable.

Source: 3 Days, 3 Hours & 30 minutes

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