2 Days, 2 Hours

“So what’s the plan?” Sandi asked.”What do you mean?” Sean replied.”There’s only 2 days left to get ready, where do we start?””What do you mean start? You’ve done the shopping haven’t you?””Well I’ve got a few presents…””Whaatttttt!” Two minutes later they both make their way out of the door. “What’s the rush the shops are open for another 2 days yet Sean, what’s with you?””Everything should be done Sandi, there isn’t much time left.””Oh behave do you know what Christmas is about Sean, we get to spend some time together and just relax, you shouldn’t worry about the rest of the hype. We have food, we have a warm home and we have each other, we’re lucky.”  Sean pulled the car over into a lay-by and turned to Sandi “You’re right, I’m sorry. There’s just one place I want to go.” They went to a supermarket and Sean bought a huge pile of boxes of chocolates. Sandi looked on bemused but said nothing, she had no idea what they were up to. They drove for ten minutes and pulled up outside a large well lit building, Sandi had no idea where they were. “Come on.” They climbed out of the car, grabbed the bags filled with the chocolates and walked into the home. There were about thirty pensioners sitting watching a Christmas dvd, no one was laughing or even taking much notice there wasn’t much Christmas spirit here. Sean went around the room sharing out the chocolates and sat with them and talked. Sandi looked at him and thought her heart would burst with love for her man, he had made these people’s Christmas and they were all chatting and laughing as we slipped out back into the night and home to curl up on the settee and open the last box of chocolates. There was still two days to go, this would be a perfect Christmas.

Source: 2 Days, 2 Hours

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