Merry Christmas … I Love You.

The turkey is cooked, the presents opened and the dinner is almost ready to serve, Caren looked around the room, the table looked perfect and she was dressed in her Christmas outfit and added the beautiful emerald necklace her husband had bought for her. When she was growing up she had never realised that Christmas could be so perfect.Her mind drifted back to Christmas when she was a child, there was always lots of food and presents but it was always bedlam, so many family members everyone just grabbing a seat wherever they could find one, Grandma always ending up on the wonky stool because she couldn’t move as fast as everyone else. It was always fun but it was crazy.She smiled at the memory, now she was married her Christmas had been planned and everything was perfect. Silently she wished she could have just a little bit of that madness back and that her family that were now only memories could be here to bicker over what they would watch on TV and to see who could snore the loudest after the meal.She picked up her crystal glass poured a little Port into the glass and raised her glass to her past life and all of those she had loved and lost. ‘Merry Christmas, I love you.’ She whispered.

Source: Merry Christmas … I Love You.

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