Glastonbury – Winter

This town is so beautiful, even when I’m complaining about the cold and how much I detest Winter, it still manages to take my breath away. Never visited? You should, it’s a pretty little town on the Somerset levels, full of myth and history. We have healing waters, springs, King Arthur, a stunning Abbey, there’s lots to do and see. We get great mists too as we’re on the levels, if you look towards the town from a distance you will see the Tor rising majestically above the low lying mists.  (thanks the the BBC for this photo)On a clear day you can experience the Tor in all of it’s beauty. If  you want to see more gorgeous photographs of this stunning town you might like to go and check out Kev Pearsons Facebook page . Many thanks to him for the photographs featured here.  Now I just need to find a way to keep warm. Should you come and visit I hope you love as much asthe people who live here do.

Source: Glastonbury – Winter

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