Reading Lists

If you’re a writer you’ll know the importance of reading, without reading you just can’t write. If you don’t put it in how can you expect to pull it out?So I have a pile of books from a variety of genres to read this year and a few gaps for interesting new authors, I hope any of you who are planning on publishing this year will pitch your books to me so I can review them for you. If you know me then you know to avoid sci-fi as it’s the only genre I struggle to enjoy, but anything else goes. I am looking forward to reading your work this year, good luck if you’re publishing this year, I know I will be. I’ll be hard at work writing until summer when the editing should begin if all goes to plan. So here comes book 3 in the Alex Price series, I also plan to keep adding to The Charade on the website, I hope it will build into an interesting mystery. Check it out for yourself.  Happy writing.

Source: Reading Lists


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