Resolutions … Phah!

Annie had made a list of all of the new interesting things she wanted to achieve in 2017, she had bought herself a new note book to inspire herself and a new pen to write in it. A good start.Jan 1.Stop eating rubbishlose weightstop drinkingNo crisps / chocolateStart exercising walk morelearn a musical instrumenttravel moredrink more waterEat breakfast.Achieved – no crisps, enjoyed the chocolate (It was a christmas gift – doesn’t count) walked to the corner shop to get a bottle of wine – only had one glass (there’s water in it too!). At least I didn’t  eat any crisps!Jan 2.Weight the same. Even after eating chocolate – a small triumph! Fruit for breakfast. No crisps, drank water all day, ate a weight watchers meal (Is that rubbish?) Got stuck into the Christmas chocolates again – obviously not fattening. No alcohol. Managed 3 jumping jacks before collapsing in a heap exhausted – maybe I should have done them before I ate the chocolate.Jan 3. Put on a pound, had a big bowl of porridge for breakfast, walked to the corner shop saw Christmas Chocolates on offer so bought three boxes and a bottle of wine. I need cheering up after putting on weight. Walked home. No exercise – couldn’t be bothered, I think I may be allergic to it. Ate chocolate and drank wine.Jan 4.Didn’t bother to weigh myself, had a fry up for breakfast, sat in front of the tv eating chocolate and drinking wine. I have decided that this year will just be the same as the last and I’m not getting any younger so I may as well just enjoy myself.Resolutions ended…She dropped the notebook in the bin on her way to get the microwave meal out of the freezer and grabbed a bag of crisps whilst she waited for the ping.Not all was lost Annie turned on her computer and booked herself a short break in Spain and felt very pleased with herself for keeping at least one of her new years resolutions.

Source: Resolutions … Phah!


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