Job, Man, Leader.

Three words that I was given to write about. Job, Man & Leader. So… here goes…The race was on Josh was in first place as he skidded around the bend on his drift trike. Before today he had never heard of this sport but the adrenaline rush was amazing, he couldn’t believe how quickly he’d picked it up. It wasn’t difficult but it was unnerving as you slid around a bend sidewards, he was glad he was the leader of this pack, it would be easy to get in a tangle if he had been back with the group. He raised his head to appreciate his skill and to his horror he saw a lorry in front of him, he couldn’t stop and wasn’t confident enough to move the trike away quickly from the path of the lorry…The lorry screeched to a halt, almost spilling it’s load across the road luckily enough the driver managed to keep the lorry upright, unluckily he could no longer see the lad who had come belting around the blind bend on some three wheeled contraption. The man held his breath as the lorry came to a complete standstill then leapt out of the cab. There underneath the middle of the lorry there the boy lay lifeless, he jumped as another five or six trikes rounded the bend sidewards and two of them ploughed into the front of his cab. Horrified, he picked up his mobile phone and dialled 999. He clambered underneath the lorry to try and help the boy. He had been in this job for twenty years and had never seen anything like this before. He reached the boy who was now groaning and trying to move, he heard the sirens in the distance, the police would arrive in a minute. It was all going to be okay.

Source: Job, Man, Leader.


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