He’s On His Holidays Now.

Does anyone deserve it more? Santa and his wife have been spotted in the Carribean enjoying some well-earned rest.He was sitting in a cafe with a notebook and pen at the ready, when asked he reportedly said he was writing his memoirs and chuckled. “You wouldn’t believe the things I have seen.””Like what?” He was asked by the reporter.”Now if I told you that, there’d be no point in me writing it down, you’ll just have to wait for the book.” He was still chuckling. Obviously chuckling came naturally to him. Santa and his wife said their goodbyes and headed off for the beach where he was seen clambering into a hammock and being bought a cocktail. From behind the palm tree, the reporter could have sworn he was seeing Rudolph snoozing in the shade. He returned to his hotel room to lie down thinking, ‘wow the sun must have really got to me’. Later that night after a long rest he looked up at the moon only to see a silouette of reindeers and a sleigh flying even further south. ‘Good for you Santa.’ He thought as he smiled ‘Happy Holidays’.

Source: He’s On His Holidays Now.


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