Where Does The Magic Go?

Write what you know is what we hear all of the time, we spend a lot of time and effort writing about the things that we love and the things that inspire us.But what if, once you’ve done that, then the very thing that you found love and inspiration in suddenly appears plain and ordinary. Do we drain the magic by digging so deep to retell the experience through our work. Will things ever look the same once you’ve written about the sparkle or is the sparkle dumbed down and will it ever be found again?I held the magic in my heart, mind even my hands. I wanted to believe it would always be there.I question this because I wrote about something very dear to me and now that very thing that was so full of magic now seems normal, ordinary, almost as if it showed me it’s best side to allow me to write about it and be inspired and now it is drained. Have you experienced this? ‘Where does the magic go?’

Source: Where Does The Magic Go?

2 thoughts on “Where Does The Magic Go?

  1. I used to find a similar issue when I was learning to play new pieces of music on the guitar. John Williams’ arrangement of ‘Cavatina’ for instance – I thought it was absolutely wonderful to listen to, but as soon as I could play it, some of that ‘magic’ vanished. Suppose it goes with the territory.

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