The Storm

The sea which moments ago was still and calm is now beginning to churn as dark clouds blow in towards the coast. First, the wind just scuffs the surface of the sea then an invisible hand begins to push the water, forming waves, small at first, gradually building.The light goes and the birds get confused, skittering around thinking it’s feeding time again, but no, it’s the oncoming storm. The normal white fluffy clouds are taking a day off and are now replaced with black threatening ones.The wind whips around the palms and the buildings, locals run to get their washing and pets indoors. Then gently at first there’s just moisture in the air, we wait hoping it will pass us by and as we hope, the sound of a deep bass drum rumbles across the sky and the wind stops, all is calm for just a moment before the clouds open and the water we hoped would stay skyward descends to earth in a torrent.

Source: The Storm

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