Herbs, Moonlight & Rose

The moonlight flooded the garden, it was a full moon and with no streetlights in the area it was almost as bright as in the day. Rose walked through the garden amidst the heady smells of honeysuckle and cut grass, she loved evenings like this, warm and bright. So much more evocative than the heat of the day and the bright burning sunlight. She wandered along the path brushing against plants that overhung the walkway, petals softly touching the bare skin of her arms. She walked until she reached a small area sectioned off, she hadn’t touched this part of the garden, yet still it grew in abundance. This had been her husband’s herb garden and his pride and joy, she looked down at the deep growth and smiled she truly believed he was still tending it from wherever he now resided, still taking care of the things he loved. He was always around her, she could feel him. She bent into the foliage and plucked out a handful of Basil and smiled whilst silently mouthing ‘Thank You’, hoping her husband would hear her.

Source: Herbs, Moonlight & Rose

11 thoughts on “Herbs, Moonlight & Rose

  1. Good morning Steph,

    I don’t know why I was fluttering by,
    But for some reason I came this way.
    Perhaps to leave a merry tune,
    As you begin another new day.
    I discarded a number of alternatives,
    Consigned them to the wings, then
    Sought a track from out of the black,
    With a melody that lifts and sings.
    We should all go a little crazy,
    Knock back a wee dram of mad,
    Slip inside the Hatter’s mind,
    Poaching the gleam from the glad!

    Have a wonderful day! Oh, and good luck with the poetry?? 😉

    Namaste 🙂


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  2. Hey Steph, Namaste 🙂

    Absolutely charming: not one ingredient is missing from her moon-spun garden of Love: not even her chivalrous King.

    It is a deft use of symbolism. Great stuff, thanks for the share.

    Hoping you didn’t get cold today and left work at a decent hour. Sweet dreams for when you get to Zzzzz,

    Namaste 🙂


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    • Good evening, I didn’t have chance to reply this morning sorry, I’m glad you like my little story.
      Have you had a good day?
      For me, my time would have been better used in the warm with a pen and paper but it was not to be. Tonight I have just curled up and finished a good book I’ve been reading.
      Tomorrow I must look up that poetry link you left for me, maybe I’ll try, then again maybe I’ll leave it to the people who are more proficient at it… you.
      Sleep well my friend 🦄

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      • Good evening Steph, Namaste 🙂

        How are you doing? That’s okay, no need to apologise: Saturday is a busy day and somehow swallows up the hours every weekend!

        I liked the story very much: it is both enchanting and inspiring as well: the mystery of Moonlight is eternal

        Is there anything better than curling up with a good book other than finishing it and starting another 😉

        Perhaps one flutter of your lyrically adept quill would convince the poet inside you to appear more often? The challenge is weekly, there is no prize, only a sense of achievement: Sammi, who sets the challenge can be quite a taskmaster, but flexing one’s quill stretches the mind and gets the little grey cells excited for the rest of the writer’s weekend. I hope you’ll stop by…it’s just a bit of fun 🙂

        Thank you, my day was spent chin-stroking, dreaming, and being distracted by anything and everything: so one can call it a typical writer’s day. 🙂 I even visited the End of The World and met a giant Poppy, wrote four lines and received by way of return two ideas for poems whose great grandfather was a Poppy grower in Bulgaria and whose son was a US Judge who barely drank wine, never took Opium, but who grew Roses and Cacti. Life is always giving when one is a writer or a poet: inspiration is everywhere and always served from the Grail Platter. One only ever needs to ask: for whom does the Grail serve? 🙂

        I’ll leave you to finishing curling or uncurling with or without a book and wish you a pleasant night dancing with Moonlight. Sweet dreams Steph.

        Namaste 🙂



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