A Beautiful Morning.

It really doesn’t get any better than this, I’ve been out and got a little exercise to set me up for the day and there was this image which I really had to capture. There is something about Thailand that nowhere else comes close to, the light, the colours. Just amazing.Still wonder why I come here […]

The Charade – Part 12

Chapter twelve already, where will it go? This chapter has been written by Carol Taylor you can find her by clicking the link. Enjoy this chapter and if you would like to catch up with the rest of the story please check out the website The Charade – Chapter 12.Carl hurried towards her and swept her […]

Where Does The Magic Go?

Write what you know is what we hear all of the time, we spend a lot of time and effort writing about the things that we love and the things that inspire us.But what if, once you’ve done that, then the very thing that you found love and inspiration in suddenly appears plain and ordinary. […]

Pictures of Deceit – Review

I am very proud to show off my latest review for Pictures of Deceit. Sent via email.12/01/17Finally finished it, many interruptions but a joy each time I picked it up, straight back into the storyline. Loved it, beautifully paced, intriguing writing, a really lovely story. And the next novel……….?from Annita Ashcroft  Get you copy here ‘Pictures of […]

He’s On His Holidays Now.

Does anyone deserve it more? Santa and his wife have been spotted in the Carribean enjoying some well-earned rest.He was sitting in a cafe with a notebook and pen at the ready, when asked he reportedly said he was writing his memoirs and chuckled. “You wouldn’t believe the things I have seen.””Like what?” He was […]

Job, Man, Leader.

Three words that I was given to write about. Job, Man & Leader. So… here goes…The race was on Josh was in first place as he skidded around the bend on his drift trike. Before today he had never heard of this sport but the adrenaline rush was amazing, he couldn’t believe how quickly he’d […]

Resolutions … Phah!

Annie had made a list of all of the new interesting things she wanted to achieve in 2017, she had bought herself a new note book to inspire herself and a new pen to write in it. A good start.Jan 1.Stop eating rubbishlose weightstop drinkingNo crisps / chocolateStart exercising walk morelearn a musical instrumenttravel moredrink more waterEat […]

Reading Lists

If you’re a writer you’ll know the importance of reading, without reading you just can’t write. If you don’t put it in how can you expect to pull it out?So I have a pile of books from a variety of genres to read this year and a few gaps for interesting new authors, I hope any […]

In The Spotlight & Other Stories

Brand new, just released. ‘In The Spotlight & Other Stories’ I have spent all of the Christmas and New Year holidays editing and sweating over it, luckily my husband is a good cook otherwise we’d have starved. So I hope you enjoy the book, it’s made up of my favourite short stories. Some just coffee […]

The Charade – Part 11

Chapter ElevenShe was so shocked at this man’s words she staggered slightly and the old man pulled a chair from behind the counter for her to sit on. He watched her with concern. “Sit, sit.”“But Sir how could you know my Mother, even I don’t remember her well?” She accepted a cup of some warm […]

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