Have You Finished Your Book Yet?

Leave me alone. Let me write…Life just keeps throwing things at me, things that battle for priority for my attention… Now.I want to lock myself away, I want people to allow me to create, to offer up something that will entertain and take them away from their regular lives.My phone pings, rings and literally shouts for my attention. Check this, write that article, can you look over my essay, then the final nail in the coffin… ‘Have you finished your book yet?’ AaaarrgghhhhhhhhhMy family want clean clothes, a tidy house and feeding regularly, they obviously care because they keep asking me ‘Have you finished your book yet…’ Work wants results, okay, well they pay me to achieve results, to make money for them and in turn make money for myself and although they are a lovely bunch of people do they need to ask me everyday… ‘Have you finished your book yet?…’So I think the only answer is to rent a cave somewhere in the middle of nowhere, no internet, no phone connection, no family. Nothing but regular deliveries of food… where I’m sure the delivery person will be sure to ask ‘Have you finished your book yet?…’Even if I did that. I think I would be distracted by the silence by all of that time for myself then I would be constantly berating myself with ‘Haven’t you finished that book yet?…’

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