Misnomer, Well, Scream.

These were the 3 random words I was given today to create a short story with, relax and enjoy. They sat by the river that ran through the park, it was a misnomer that everyone used, really it was no more than a stream but the town liked to make it sound grander than it was. As they lay and watched the flow of the river, the sun scorched their shoulders and pinked their ears, the first hot day of the year and it seemed that the towns full population were vying for their space in the park grounds. The weather man on the tv this morning had announced that today could touch thirty degrees and it seemed that suddenly everyone had the day off work, there were going to be a lot of fed up bosses out there today.   Tomorrow would be a completely different of course, tomorrow everyone would be sitting at home feeling sore and using up the whole town’s supply of aftersun but for today no one had a care in the world. Children played by the river as parents unloaded picnics and stretched out in the warmth of the day, everyone was happy.   As the day rolled on some of the more sensible people left the park and new faces arrived, the area around the river and the town well on the other side of the park were by far the most popular places to be, everyone seemed to gravitate to the cool refreshing water as the day wound on and the temperature rose.    Suddenly a scream pierced the peaceful, happy scene. Everyone sat up looking around to see where the sound was coming from, “The well, over there.” A large pink lady shouted, we all turned to look, no one actually getting up from their comfortable places. Another scream followed and that motivated a few people moved towards the noise. The rest of us sat up looking like a mob of meerkats, bodies still, just our heads swivelling trying to take in all of the information around us. Concern slowly dawning on our faces. Almost as one, like some bad horror movie we all started moving at the same time towards the screams, there it was again. “Heeeelllllpppppp.”   At the well a little girl stood on the edge of the well, crying and screaming, pointing into the gloom of the well. “Whats wrong honey?” I asked her.    “My dolly, is in the dark alone, she’ll be scared, help me get her out. I want my dolly.” With that she screamed again.

Source: Misnomer, Well, Scream.

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