Fear, Sun, Pasta.

3 word challenge.Chaz sat at a table at the best restaurant in town. She couldn’t believe she was actually here eating pasta drenched in garlic and butter alongside the biggest lobster she had ever seen. The sun had only just gone down and the sunset was spectacular, she was here alone but she really didn’t mind, later in the evening she would be joined by Jake Jones, her favourite singer. There were a million women who would love to swap places with her tonight but she had won the holiday and a chance to meet her idol, then tomorrow she would go and see him in concert. But for tonight he was all hers and she could enjoy all of the things this holiday could offer her.There was a disturbance at the other side of the restaurant, she heard raised, excited voices, she turned towards the disruption and there he stood, he was so handsome she thought she might faint with the excitement that was building inside her. He was leaning over a table signing a napkin for someone. She didn’t mind because tonight he was there to see her, she could wait, she was enjoying just watching him charming the other diners.Suddenly there was a sharp noise like a firework going off and people swarming everywhere, she watched in fear as Jake Jones fell to the ground, the madness around him continued but his body lay lifeless on the ground. Someone pushed her aside and went to his aid but it was too late.

Source: Fear, Sun, Pasta.


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