Dance, Castle, Battle.

3 Word Challenge.It was Danni’s wedding day, surprisingly it had been perfect. Surprisingly because she had left all of the arrangements to her husband and she wasn’t sure what to expect. The only thing she did herself was the dress, that had to be her fairytale touch to the day, she couldn’t leave that to chance. They had been flown out to Germany in a private jet the previous day, they, being her and her bridesmaids, the flight was wonderful, with no expense spared, champagne and oysters her favourite things. Then a limo to a five star hotel, she was excited with no idea what would happen the following day. She had woken up and got dressed whilst being fussed over by hairdressers and make up artists whilst the bridesmaids tucked into a full breakfast and more champagne, she had been too nervous to eat. A horse drawn carriage had collected them and they left the town, they approached a beautiful fairytale castle, that was when she started to cry, it was all so perfect, she had no idea how he had arranged all of this. They drove into the grounds and were met by dancers and acrobats, dressed in victorian outfits, they tumbled, twisted and danced alongside the carriage. Everything was set out in the gardens, she’d never seen so many flowers, as she approached the smell was heady. she could see her husband now, smiling, looking so handsome in his top hat and tails. All of her friends and family turning to look at her. She truly was a princess today.There was a noise, like a bell ringing in her head, clouds came over the beautiful scene them everything disappeared. She rolled over and turned off the alarm, she needed to get up and get ready it would be a battle against time to be ready. She gave a deep sigh yet still smiled, the effects of the dream clinging to her for a few moments. She would have to get ready to be at the registry office for noon, she jumped into the shower, smiling, it may not be a fairytale but she was getting married today.

Source: Dance, Castle, Battle.

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