Dance, Castle, Battle.

3 Word Challenge.It was Danni’s wedding day, surprisingly it had been perfect. Surprisingly because she had left all of the arrangements to her husband and she wasn’t sure what to expect. The only thing she did herself was the dress, that had to be her fairytale touch to the day, she couldn’t leave that to […]

In the Sky

I look up into the cloudless sky,Nothing but blue, clear bluedeeper than the oceanand brighter than the sun.A perfect day.A lone bird flys across nature’s canvas and carries my dreams of endless blue. Source: In the Sky

Fear, Sun, Pasta.

3 word challenge.Chaz sat at a table at the best restaurant in town. She couldn’t believe she was actually here eating pasta drenched in garlic and butter alongside the biggest lobster she had ever seen. The sun had only just gone down and the sunset was spectacular, she was here alone but she really didn’t mind, […]

Cute Cats.

Okay now I have your attention, well… everyone loves cute cat pictures. Oh Okay, just one more … Now I’ve made you smile I’m going to offer you a free ebook, no catches, I just hope you’ll enjoy it.It’s my cute cat Valentine gift to you because I love all of my readers and everyone […]

Who Doesn’t Like Free

A gift from me to you. If you like what you see it’s available now free, worldwide on Kindle. So what are you waiting for? The Community by S C Richmond. The Blurb – A mystery and love story that spans fifty years. Jack still mourns his lost love but now he has more to […]

Cool Dump

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