Coffee. Brewing Happiness.

Annie woke up feeling miserable, no reason, just didn’t feel like smiling. She picked her phone up, someone on social media would make her smile, there were always cute cat memes and friends doing stupid things to look at. It loaded up and she scrolled through the posts, someone had died, another wanted prayers for a friend who was having an operation, a dog video about animal cruelty, a friend having problems with their children. Annie slumped in the chair, so much for happy social media. She messaged a friend, her phone pinged a reply, her friend couldn’t chat, too busy. She sighed, first world problems, her day wasn’t starting well.She opened a new pack of coffee and breathed in the fresh aroma, a feeling of calm passed over her and a smile started to grow on her face. Coffee, that was all she needed, it’s true it’s the simple things that matter. She drank the dark strong liquid finding herself ready to face the day.

Source: Coffee. Brewing Happiness.


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