Evil, Attic, Necklace

Another 3 word challenge. Not sure if I’m up to it this morning but I’ll give it a go.Evil, Attic, Necklace.Mo rummaged through the old boxes that had been collecting dust in the attic for most of her adult life. She was thinking of moving and really didn’t want the expense of dragging these boxes across the world with her so she had decided it was time to declutter. The main problem was every time she opened a box she discovered something that she had forgotten she had and it brought with it memories. She wasn’t sure she would ever get through all of this stuff.She had organised a pile for throwing away, one for recycling and another for keeping and it seemed she was struggling to put anything in the throwing away pile. As she thought her fingers picked out a small carved box, she knew what it was immediately and it threw at her a whole new problem, she couldn’t pass this on to anyone else.Inside was a necklace, very old and valuable, she didn’t need to open the box to know what it held. twenty five years ago she had done something unforgivable, she had had an affair with her best friends husband, it was stupid and she regretted it the moment it had happened but it had happened and she had to deal with the fallout from it, he had given her the necklace the last time she saw him. It was beautiful with rubies and diamonds set in yellow gold. When her friend had seen it she freaked out and had known what had been going on. She then took the necklace smiling a grim smile muttered some words over it and leant towards Mo and refastened it around her neck. That had been the last time she saw her friend. Mo had thought no more of it, she had been more worried about sorting their friendship out.That was when bad things started happening, Mo had crashed her car, she had beenlucky to get out alive. Her dog died for no apparent reason that a vet could find. Rumours about her had been circulating so no one came near her, she lost her job and eventually had to move away from the area to find work again and start a new life. Things didn’t go well for her even after the move, there was always something she had to deal with. One day she had gone out for a drink and a guy had approached her, the type she would generally avoid. He was a bit of a hippy and was wearing torn jeans and a lot of weird beads, she had tried to ignore him but he kept talking to her, eventually she listened. He had told her to take off the necklace he could feel the bad energy from across the room, get rid of it, it was evil, he had said.It had started playing on her mind and after a few days she stopped wearing it and he had been right, bad things stopped happening. She went to find him to thank him for his observation, when she had got back to the bar and asked about the man the bartender had looked at her and told her that she couldn’t have met Troy the previous week, Troy had been dead for more than a year.

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