Opportunity, Slippers, Crow.

3 word challenge.If anyone else wants to try this add a comment, it’s a great way to get your writing started for the day.opportunity, slippers, crowDee ran around the kitchen, sliding across the vinyl flooring in her slippers trying to get everything ready for the family, breakfast, packed lunches, clothes ironed. She wanted everything to be perfect today, totally organised so she could have some time to prepare herself for her day ahead after everyone had gone school and work.Today she was going to meet her sister, for most people this wouldn’t be anything special but this would be the first time she had met Gail in twenty five years. She had been trying to track Gail down since she had left home at the tender age of sixteen, under a cloud. Dee never really knew but suspected Gail had been thrown out by their Mom. She would find out the truth today. Dee had only been six at the time and had always been the golden daughter who couldn’t put a foot wrong. Gail had never been spoken about in the house after the day she left.With everything done and everyone out of the house, she took the opportunity to sit down and have a cup of tea before she got ready, her gaze drifted out into the garden then into the fields beyond, she focused on the dividing hedge and there sat six crows in a perfect row, she needed to get her camera it would make a great photo. Something in her head whispered six for death, she picked up her phone and turned back to the hedge with her camera ready but now there was only one single crowwhere there had been six, Her head shouted, one crow sorrow. The crow spread its wings and flew towards the kitchen window, settling just in front of it and letting outa loud caw. Dee snapped a picture of it somewhat disappointed that the others had gone.Dee stood outside the imposing building, looking up and over the outside wall to a severe looking facade. She entered through the large solid gates. She waited whilst someone went to get her sister, the woman came back several minutes later and led her into a small room just off the main entrance and asked her to wait. Eventually a man came to see her. A well dressed man, mid thirties she guessed, pleasant looking. “Hello, I’m very sorry to tell you, youwon’t be able to see Gail Bates today.””Oh?””She passed away three days ago in her cell, I’m afraid she took her own life, she couldn’t cope with prison life any longer.”

Source: Opportunity, Slippers, Crow.


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