The 50 Virus.

download (4)menopause

Lynn had heard about this concept, how women when they reached fifty years old went either headlong into madness or disappeared into old age making themselves invisible. She had recently entered her fifties and found that as yet she had no idea which way she would go.

The family had moved away now and the home belonged to just her and her husband just like it had when they had first started out their lives together only this time the mortgage was paid, so life would be financially easier.

At fifty one Lynn has slipped into and had tried to look on the bright side, it brought with it the hot flushes that would creep up her spine and lodge itself at the back of her neck uncomfortably dampening her hair and in bed at night she would give off enough heat to open herself up as an electrical substation. It also meant the electricity bills were smaller.

At fifty two she was doing well and had adapted to the menopause, trying hard to be positive about the challenges it brought with it. She had even had to stop eating some of her favourite foods to lessen the cruel effects of her age, now she was living on rice crackers and mung beans or so it felt. The up side the shopping expenditure was a lot less.

Her husband was so pleased that she decided that with all the money that had been saved she needed a treat so she went shopping, clothes, jewellery, gadgets. She was spending like a woman possessed.

At fifty three her husband had gently mentioned that she was gaining a little weight and he’d noticed that she had let her exercise regime slip. That was enough for Lynn she hauled a saucepan at him and caught him square on the head, he dropped like a stone. She had turned and left the room, he wouldn’t say anything like that again. When she returned to the room he was still where she had left him. All hell broke loose after that, police, ambulances, solicitors, judges, it all went by in a haze to her, she just wanted her husband back.

At fifty four she sat in her cell, no coffee, no rice cakes or mung beans and no husband. Her living costs were now zero.

So with a choice of madness or disappearing into old age, she had managed to do both.


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24 thoughts on “The 50 Virus.

  1. I was JUST thinking about entering my fifties this morning! I’m not there yet, but not all that far away either. This is both a cautionary tale and a fun read–reminding me to enjoy the moment and hide the saucepans!

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