Man Problems.

“How does this look.” Jess asked.

“Mmm Looks great.” Paul replied whilst looking out the window.

“What colour is it?” She sighed, thinking she should be used to this by now but it still annoyed her.


“Never mind.” She went and got changed, wondering sarcastically if all men were the same of if she’d just got lucky.

She returned to the room, there he was with the remote control in his hand whilst he was dozing. She picked up the remote control from his lap and he didn’t move, so she changed the channel. “Whoooo, I was watching that.” He complained. She sighed and gave him the remote back. She’d got a million other things to do but first she made a coffee for them both, taking extra care with his. She took it to him and left him to relax.

Half an hour later she returned to the lounge, prised the remote from his hand which he was still holding possessively and flicked the channel to her movie, sat back and opened a box of chocolates. He didn’t complain.

She always knew those sleeping tablets would come in useful. images (12)remote

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